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Monday, January 24, 2005
  PowerPoint Presentations on Software Development

Here are four PowerPoint presentations I've delivered over the last few years. Caveat: I structured these decks as visual aids for extemporaneous talks. In other words, they do not provide a coherent, narrative story on their own.

(In future talks I plan to experiment with different structures. Some presentations, such as business plans, need to function as stand-alone documents because they are intended to be passed around and reviewed long without your presence.)

Scrum: One Person's Perspective
: Shortly after obtaining my certification in the Scrum development methodology (I'm now a "Certified Scrum Master"), I gave this outline of Scrum to the Toronto Chapter of the Software Process Improvement Network.

Evidence-based Software Development Practices: How to develop higher quality software in less time with dramatically less risk by emphasizing the role of collecting and analyzing evidence. This is the cornerstone of my approach to delivering software on time and without drama.

Agile Development or Critical Chain? Yes!: An outline of the Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) approach and how to integrate it with Agile approaches to software development.

Agile Methods in a Product Development Setting: Sharing my personal experience using Agile methods to develop software products, with particular emphasis on the ways in which product development differs from custom/project oriented work.



Comments on “PowerPoint Presentations on Software Development:
Interesting, I often failed explaining this.
Nice decks! I especially liked your SCRUM deck. One question... How do SCRUM teams handle QA? Your deck has a question and you must have explained verbally during your presentation.

I am currently trying to implement SCRUM within my organization and I am still trying to figure out QA part.

When estimating, do you include QA estimates? Do you do that separately? Do you create a separate backlog item (user story in our case) for QAs? How about time it takes to migrate to next environment (we build web applications)?

Thanks for your help in advance!!

Young Joo
please consult me something about the software development.

i need a demonstration about it. with the power point presentation

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