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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
  Off Topic: RaganAdvertising

Disclaimer: I hate blogging about blogging. It's not bad enough that I'm blogging when I could be coding or talking to smart people, or thinking about how I should be coding, or planning what I'd like to learn from smart people, but I'm not even blogging about any of those things. Posts about blogging are the Ouroboros of blogging. They eat themselves.

Google's Adsense has shown its money grubbing, monetizing page views face on Raganwald. It's mostly about trying something new, especially since I haven't even cashed the cheque Google sent me from my last experiment where I placed some ads on my old personal home pages.

Ads will be shown if you navigate to a permalink page directly from a search engine. You should not see ads if you hit the Raganwald home page, or click through from an RSS feed, or bookmark a page, or follow a link from your feed reader (perhaps there will be ads if you follow a link from Google's feed reader. If so, send me an email and I'll play with the script.).

The ads are only shown once: if you click a link to read another post within Raganwald you won't see any more ads.

The intent is that people who find Raganwald through searches like "difference between marketing and selling" are actively looking for information and might be interested in what an ad has to offer.

I sincerely hope this is a positive service for the many anonymous visitors that seem to land on a page and then go about their merry way. Meanwhile, regular readers and subscribers shouldn't be bothered by the ads.

Thanks to my simplistic approach, you'll see an ad if you use Google as a memory amplifier. So if you google "raganwald prima donna" to find that recent article instead of bookmarking it or using del.icio.us, you'll see an ad.

If this bothers you, there are easy hacks to remove the ads, like ad blockers that can block JavaScripts. I use Adblock with Firefox and I never see Adsense ads. You could also do the really low tech thing and click on the Raganwald headline then drill back down to the post you were reading. The ads will not appear.

Comments on “Off Topic: RaganAdvertising:
I really like this idea of showing ads just to people who come in via search engines. It's a great idea for personal sites. Don't make grandma look at ads.

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