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Wednesday, February 27, 2008
  Slightly off-topic: What was that link again?

If you read raganwald via RSS feed, you receive a few links every day.

Those links are all collected in this del.icio.us tag. So you can browse through them if there’s something you would like to see again.

And for the really clever sorts, there’s an RSS feed just for the links and (New!) another just for the articles. I believe you get them in real time and not as a daily summary.

ttfn unless you want to buy me a coffee :-)

Comments on “Slightly off-topic: What was that link again?:
Usually when somebody starts splicing daily links into their feed, it's only a couple of days before the increased feed traffic drives me to unsubscribe. Yours is the only such feed so far that has survived - which says something great about your content.

Have you considered offering a version of your feed without the del.icio.us link digest? I much prefer using the del.icio.us network to aggregate and track links in one place.

Just some constructive feedback...

That question does pop up from time to time, and I do revisit the question from time to time.

I conducted a survey a few months ago and:

1. The overwhelming majority wanted daily links spliced in, and;

2. some enterprising soulds figured out how to use Yahoo! pipes to filter the links out :-)

So for now they are in, but I appreciate the feedback and this is not set in stone, I will reconsider this in a few months and see if the links are still a net win for readers.
for Paul and others, here is a link to the Yahoo Pipe I wrote which filters out the links.


Thanks for the Yahoo pipes filter! I tend not to look at the del.icio.us links unless I have lots of spare time so being able to segregate the content is useful.

I appreciate that a lot of people want the default feed to have the links, but I'd really like to see an option to have a feed without the links, so that I can subscribe to the links separately without getting dupes. I find that the daily summary keeps me from reading the blog more often because I have to wait until I have enough time to sit down and read all the articles in the daily links at once.
New! Official feed just for the articles:


Much love, Amit, but I strongly suggest folks use the "official" feed: it will remain stable even if I change other things, and I may be making a few other changes that could break the pipe.

But as always, you are smart folks, you know what to do :-)
Nice one, thanks for taking the time to set up the alternate feed.

I thought of using Pipes to solve the problem. The main reason I didn't go that way was because the Google feed cache which Google Reader backs onto seems to give much higher precedence to feeds with many subscribers. Custom feeds with only a single subscriber tend to be quite laggy.

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